Workforce Development Alignment

A core strategy of ALLIES is to support English Learners to succeed in living-wage careers with the potential for upward mobility. Being on a meaningful career pathway provides skill gains, income and other benefits that promote educational, career and community success. Career success also creates opportunities for immigrants to make contributions to society.

Two ALLIES initiatives address the needs of immigrants and language learners related to workforce development initiatives:

Our Immigrant Integration Framework supports the success and contributions of all new Americans. A key goal of the IIP is to complement and strengthen workforce development by ensuring that occupational initiatives address the full range of immigrant job-seeker needs and assets.

Our 2012-2015 Workforce Innovation Fund project “Silicon Valley ALLIES” pilot tested workforce models and strategies targeted to English Language Learner immigrants. SV ALLIES included partnerships with workforce development boards, community-based organizations, and educational partners to create pathways to family-sustaining jobs and careers.