Immigrant Integration Framework

The ALLIES Immigrant Integration Pathway project delivers an innovative and systemic approach to advancing the success and contributions of new Americans.



ALLIES convened a diverse group of stakeholders in 2016 to develop an Immigrant Integration Framework. Meeting as a Design Team, our partners included:

  • Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
  • City of San Jose Office of Immigrant Affairs
  • Sacred Heart Community Services
  • Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations
  • South Bay Consortium for Adult Education
  • Working Partnerships USA



The Design Team worked for four months to achieve the following goals:

  • Describe a framework of the eight core elements of immigrant integration
  • Inspire implementation across education, workforce development, social services and community groups
  • Identify initial performance metrics to capture data on integration which can be used to measure outcomes and secure state funding



ALLIES launched the initiative to respond to economic, social and policy trends and developments:

  • Demographic projections show that the contributions of immigrants are key to California’s current and future workforce and economic health
  • Workforce development initiatives need to address the full range of needs and contributions of immigrants to be successful
  • The adult education system needs to measure and be funded for services that support the integration of newcomers into their communities



ALLIES and its partners will implement the Immigrant Integration Pathway project by:

  • Publishing a White paper on the purpose, need and key concepts of the IIP Framework
  • Assist South Bay Consortium for AE in the initial pilot testing and prototyping of IIP strategies and metrics
  • Promote the inclusion of IIP metrics in state funding formulae
  • Advocate implementation of the  IIP by AEBG consortia, state policy makers and other stakeholders



The milestones for the IIP project include:

  • Project Initiation: March 2016
  • White Paper Publication: April 2017
  • Initial Prototyping: Summer/Fall 2017
  • Policy advocacy: 2017- 2018
Read the ALLIES Immigrant Integration Framework White Paper