Collaboration Success Stories

Collaboration success stories

EPN Shout Out
The EPN Shout Out, a standing agenda item at ALLIES EPN meetings, offers a chance for EPN attendees to share successes, innovative projects or collaboration efforts with the EPN community.

From the Spring 2017 EPN meeting:

Building Skills Partnerships

  • Mobile App – Pilot program to deliver cellphone-based vocational ESL to immigrant workers as well as personalized career coaching via phones with the goal of accelerating English and digital literacy skills, and open pathways to career advancement.

Campbell Adult and Community Education (CACE)

  • CACE partnered with Rosemary Elementary School (Campbell Union School District) and the Mexican Consulate in the inauguration of Plaza Comunitaria. Plaza Comunitaria began in the United States through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Mexican and U.S. governments. Sponsored by the Mexican Instituto Nacional para la Educación de los Adultos, Plaza Comunitaria serves as a transitional program into English and Adult Basic Education classes and establishes an academic foundation for Spanish speaking immigrants.
  • New project: mapping ALLIES Immigrant Integration Framework with California EL Civics, identifying gaps and curriculum needs to support students’ integration into society and being able to participate in civic life
  • CACE and San Jose City College (SJCC) collaborated on defining exit criteria for CACE advanced level ESL students wanting to transition to SJCC. Test scores will be shared between CACE and SJCC to ensure a seamless transition.
  • CACE will hold its 3rd annual resource fair on May 1st. Open to the community

Cañada College

  • Partnership with Sequoia Adult School: Disability Resource Specialist from Cañada met with Cañada and Sequoia Adult team, presentation to larger group of Sequoia Adult teachers and staff is forthcoming.Basic Skills English/Reading faculty at Cañada will meet with Sequoia Adult GED, ABE, ASE teachers and staff to begin to discuss and align curriculum and classes
  • Partnership with La Costa Adult School: Early Childhood Education (ECE) and ESL learning community discussions with 4 ECE classes in Spanish w/ESL support classes leading to Assistant Teacher permit. Technology Jams discussions to take some basic technology workshops to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero

Jefferson Adult School

  • Gateways to Health Careers class, implementing the I-BEST model, teaching team from Jefferson Adult and Skyline College / delivered training to AEBG consortium in Stockton, adult education/job skills conference in Sacramento upcoming, available to present at other consortia
  • Started Northstar Digital Literacy certification class. Students learn computer skills and become certified after passing assessments. The class is open to students from South San Francisco and Skyline College
  • Created a checklist of exit criteria for students wanting to go to Skyline College. Included are CASAS, grammar and writing test scores, and the students do an online writing course.

Milpitas Adult Education

  • Bypassing the Accuplacer test to place high advanced students into ESL classes at San Jose City College
  • Collaborating with the K-12 school district and Project Community Cornerstone to pilot a project called ‘Project Promise’. High advanced ESL students are placed in elementary schools as paraprofessionals, serving as mentors for 6th graders who are currently struggling in school.
  • Jennifer Gagliardi, citizenship teacher, has published her first book: U.S. Citizenship Bootcamps
  • Building a project-based learning class and a leadership class for advanced ESL students
  • Plans to merge credit recovery classes to an online program for Independent Studies and GED programs
  • Offered a workshop on Universal Design to raise awareness for students with disabilities. Teachers are trained to help identify needs.
  • Partnership with Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College to offer bridge classes for ESL students. Co-located classes with credit for college.

PARS Equality Center

  • The Santa Clara County Refugee and Immigrant Forum (RIF) established a subcommittee focused on skilled refugee and immigrant professionals. The primary goal of this subcommittee is to create pathways for refugees and immigrants who have foreign degrees and credentials.
  • In April 2017, the RIF organized a successful career fair, bringing together 22 employers and 142 immigrant/refugee job seekers.


  • Launched a Citizenship Campaign
  • Piloted small study groups
  • Partnership with Cañada: ESL to Workforce Pathway – Early Childhood Education

San Jose City College

  • SJCC is now offering noncredit courses and has MOUs with Milpitas Adult Education and CACE
  • New programs include: Career Pathways: ESL for Health Care Settings, ESL for Computers, ESL for the Workplace. Academic Pathways: ESL Academic Reading/Writing, ESL Listening/Speaking, ESL Advanced Grammar

San Jose Public Library

  • SJPL Branch Libraries are hosting Naturalization Information sessions, including a step by step description of the naturalization process, mock naturalization interviews featuring USCIS officers and free DVD with current test prep materials
  • The Hillview Branch has a women’s support group, facilitated in Spanish, that links patrons to community resources, library programs and resources and provides a safe space for people to come together and connect with other members of the community
  • Most SJPL library branches have ESL conversation clubs
  • Nutrition classes presented at the Hillview Branch, 8 weeks, facilitated in Spanish and English
  • Free summer lunch program for children and teens

San Mateo Adult Education

  • Partnership with College of San Mateo on ‘clear ESL pathway’ project

Santa Clara Adult School (AEBG Consortium)

  • Santa Clara Unified School District held an Immigrant Parent Conference in April. The conference aimed to connect parents of children in the district with adult education classes and community resources available to them.
  • - Santa Clara Adult School opened a staffed parent resource center on the adult school campus. The center is open 3 days a week and functions as a one stop resource center for immigrant parents.

Sequoia Adult School

  • Cañada college and Sequoia Adult School hosted North Alameda Consortium for AEBG related training
  • Sequoia Adult School Scholars (SASS) event on June 3rd

Upwardly Global

  • Implementation of a language assessment (via partnership with Education First) during onboarding process which helps better direct job seekers to the appropriate support resource
  • Support services for English language learners at Upwardly Global include: English for professionals (WeGlo curriculum), English for professional communication (WeGlo curriculum), Volunteer Language Coaching Program, Coursera for Refugees

Workforce Institute

  • SparkPoint Center at the Workforce Institute, open to all SBCAE students, model of community partnerships to provide integrated services. Anticipated start date in June.