ELL Workforce Navigator

English Language Learner Workforce Navigator Pilot Program

Project Overview

The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and the California Workforce Development Board awarded $2.5 million to five local workforce boards to implement a workforce navigator pilot program to help English language learners and immigrant workers with career services and support that lead to jobs. The projects funded will better align job training, adult education and support services for individuals with limited English-language proficiency.

This population faces cultural, language and other barriers that limit access and opportunities to complete job training programs. The navigator program will provide case management and referrals to support services that will help immigrants and those with language barriers receive the education and skills training needed for income mobility.

Recognizing ALLIES’ experience in facilitating collaborative networks between adult education providers, workforce development boards and community based organizations, as well as ALLIES’ innovative approach reflected in its recently published Immigrant Integration Framework, the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency and its partners selected ALLIES as the technical assistance provider and evaluator for grantees of the EL Navigator Pilot.